Secular life coaching

Secular Life Coach

It’s hard to have a conversation with a book.

You don’t want to slog through yet another self-help guide – you want to talk to someone. Problem is, most professional “someones” want to pray with you, or guide you toward joining a “church family,” or just don’t understand where you’re coming from as a questioner or non-believer.

Whether you’re going through a major life transition, need a little help overcoming anxiety, or want a pep talk to help you gather up your courage for a public speaking gig, I can help.

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I’m Pastor Jerry DeWitt. I started my Christian ministry when I was just 17 years old. After 25 years of evangelizing throughout the Southern United States and holding the pastorate of two fundamentalist congregations, I realized I no longer believed.

In my journey out of faith, I realized a need for secular resources for people like me – people who need a little nudge through the hard times without that nudge turning into a hard push toward church. Thanks to my journey (and my 25 years’ experience helping people in my pastorate position), I’ve got the experience to talk you through your challenges.

Jerry DeWitt - Secular Life Coach Featured in NYT, Time, NPR

My woo-free life coaching experience includes:

  • Anxiety: I’ve helped people work through panic attacks and agoraphobia.
  • Public Speaking: With a lifetime of experience speaking in front of crowds, I can give you tips for improving and overcoming nerves.
  • Transition: Having gone through a huge transition myself, I know how disorienting and scary it can be. My journey (and mistakes) can help me give you insights to avoid pitfalls and stay positive.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a therapist or a psychologist. If you are experiencing chronic anxiety, depression, or other symptoms that are affecting your daily life, please seek a qualified medical professional.

Jerry D’s life coaching philosophy: LIFE IS ARchiTecture

There’s both an art (see what I did there?) and a science to living your best life. That’s why I build my coaching plan on this three-month strategy:

  • Month 1 (the Foundation) is The Subtext of Our Daily Lives
  • Month 2 is The Structure of Our Realities
  • Month 3 (building on our Foundation and Structure) is The System of Our Success

I can talk you through navigating a difficult relationship, give you inspiration to succeed in business/your career, or provide some tools to manage anxiety. We can chat via phone, Skype video, or Skype audio – whatever you prefer.

Ready to learn more?

Schedule a call with me or send an email to You can also visit me on Patreon to learn more about me (and get some inspiration).


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