Welcome to the Hope After Faith Podcast!

Welcome, Fellow Humanist!

It started with a book. 

In just over 250 pages, a former pastor detailed his journey from devout believer to atheist – and struck a chord with many former believers, clergy or not. It’s a lonely journey many of us have had to take.

From struggling with the decision to come out as an atheist to family, friends, and parishioners to navigating the post-faith world of landing a new job and finding a new “normal,” Jerry DeWitt (or Jerry D., as the Hope After Faith Podcast listeners affectionately call him) discovered a new purpose.

That purpose? We can sum it up in our Hope After Faith Mission Statement:

Mission Statement:

At Hope After Faith, our mission is simple: We want everyone to feel at home here. Whether you’re a questioning believer, consider yourself spiritual but not religious, or have moved on from religion entirely, you’re welcome here. These are the values we hold dear:

  • Bridge building. We believe that the way for humanity to move forward is to celebrate our shared humanity. Rather than pointing fingers, we want to build bridges of communication and collaboration.
  • Finding common ground – and building on it. When we start to celebrate our shared humanity, we’ll find many ways in which we’re similar – even when we may have firm disagreements on matters of faith. We believe that humanists from all walks of life need to come together to help reach our common goals.
  • Focusing on humanity and humanism. Even when we disagree, we have to keep in mind the humanity of the person holding beliefs in opposition to ours. Here at Hope After Faith, we’re committed to focusing on people more than ideas, and on building positive working relationships across ideological divides.


Skepticism is my nature / Free thought is my methodology / Agnosticism is my conclusion / Atheism is my opinion / Humanism is my motivation.

With his partner in crime podcasting, Bobby C., Jerry is building a community based on understanding, love, and – yes – HOPE.

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Want to know why the Hope After Faith Podcast has racked up nearly 84,000 plays on Spreaker in just 26 episodes?

Have a listen:

Thank you so much for being a part of our family.

Whether you consider yourself an atheist, agnostic, freethinker, or all of the above, we know you need hope and encouragement from time to time. That’s our main goal here at Hope After Faith: to help you heal some of the wounds and restore some of the hope you may have lost when you let go of faith.

We hope we can do that for you.

Much love,
Jerry D. and Bobby C.

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